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Hello there! OMG, are these some facts I see down there? O.O

  • My name is Ana =D
  • I was born in Brazil and still live here, in a terribly hot coastal city called Salvador.
  • I’m a 92 liner.
  • I’m studying economics =D
  • I am asexual and aromantic ;D
  • My English is not that good so, please, forgive my mistakes ok ^^ 
  • At Wednesdays I reblog some One Piece because that’s when the manga is out, you’ve been warned (I tag spoilers as “one piece spoilers” and “opspoilers” ;D)
  • And, yes, that’s Luffy singing on the background, because, why not…
  • This is my baby. She is a black pug called Yoru =D
  • I play the Sims =D
  • All my favourite bands, except Super Junior, of course, are rock bands.
  • Sometimes I have One Piece feels
  • I’ll try not to spam you with One Piece, but I’l probably spam you with Hyukjae ~~NOT SORRY~
  • Sometimes I’ll reblog Zosan (ZoroxSanji)
  • Or random One Piece yaoi, but mostly Zosan because they are perfect
  • I love to read all types of books, but my favourite one is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.
  • My sister is baka.
  • 42
  • I also love cinema, I like to study it, so I’m always watching all kinds of films - it was through the cinema that I met Korean culture and thus Super Junior and Kpop.
  • Do I need to say who my bias is?
  • Ok, I have a project of a bias list now:

1 - Bastard Life Ruiner Lee Hyukjae
2- Kim JongWoon
3 - Kim Jongjin
4 - Siwon’s Derp
5 - All SUJU
6 - Onew
=D I tried my best, ok

  • I love Super Junior because they made me happier, they took me away from a depression, they don’t fail to make me smile and they give me strength to keep going.
  • I’m not the type who cries a lot, but Super Junior can change it always sometimes.
  • The first kpop song I’ve ever listened was “Happiness” -Super Junior version;
  • I’m not really into pop, so when I first heard it I didn’t pay attention on the song; but, I don’t know why, I just thought they seemed to be nice fucking handsome too and I decided to look for shows they were in; thereby I watched “Full House” and completely fell in love.
  • I was going through difficult moments when I met them; weird that the first song I’ve listened them singing was about exactly what they gave to me - happiness. I wasn’t expecting so much.
  • I like animes, I’ve been watching them since I was 4 years old
  • I know where my towel is
  • I’m freaking shy, but if you talk to me I’ll get crazy and creep you.
  • These are my favourite bands:

               - The Beatles

               - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

               - Queens of the Stone Age

               - Arctic Monkeys

  • I don’t take pictures of myself since I was 10, but here is little hipster me:


  • I guess that’s it xD If you want to know anything just ask me and I’ll be really happy to answer. Also if you just want to talk about whatever it is, I’m here for you. The only way of me not answering is if I still didn’t read it or if tumblr ate your ask. So here’s my ask and here’s where you can find the answered asks.