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pretty blond

@AllRiseSilver: it`s baekwae, baekwae #it`sbaekwaegram #whydidyouadd(aday)gram

#it`shardbecausewe`reoldnowgram #butwecanstilldoitgram #itfeelsgoodgram #letsfirstcomebackgram 

(t/n: baek wae = baek hwae 100th, refering to 100th SJ concert that will be done in Korea SS6… hyuk wrote it out weirdly ㅋㅋ)


ice bucket challenge by EunHae

*@donghae861015 the next ones that I’m pointing out are leader leeteuk-hyung, Shindong-hyung, heechul-hyung and seungillie hyung(,) hang in there ^^ Let’s do it ELF !!

beautiful gummy smile.(´∀`)♡

Siwon’s ice bucket challenge and nominating EunHae and Sungil Park (x

cr: chulhyuk


prinz ♥



cr: april-sunshine   


Sorachi’s Question Corner (Gintama Volume 38 - chapter 334)

Sorachi-sensei, hello. I have a question. Just how did Yamcha get those scars on his face?

Yes, I think it happened in the training process, but the more likely reason is probably that…

Hyukjae riding his motorcycle (x)