Leeteuk fanmeeting - Fanaccount:

*teuk first was like take as many pictures u want! then fans said stafs dont allow then he was like then no pictures n told us not to post any voice recordings either, to keep the fan meeting just between us

* VCR from members to Leeteuk, from Kangin > Sungmin > Donghae > Kyuhyun > Eunhyuk.

when hyuk came on screen, teuk was like oh he has gotten handsome!

"Eunhyuk was uglier than manager-hyung last time."

*Leeteuk said he won’t dye his hair this time. Fans said great. Leeteuk then said even I have grey hair? ㅋㅋ

*When fans complained about late notice etc.. Teuk tried to calm us down and convince us that we are a team . He said the fans got scarier haha

*Fans say want a SJ only variety etc etc… he shoot back saying he is not SM CEO…lo*

Leeteuk read lots of letters which was written by fans then he read the letter which was written by himself , he is on silent. looks like he wants to cry.

Teuk while choking back on his tears commented how reading fans letter make him feel good when he feel like giving up n forgotten who he is

he said he willl post it on official page.

*teuk mentioned 7jib a bit.

Fans asked about Kibum for 7jib. Leeteuk said that is a good question then said everything is not confirmed yet even title song

*Teuk say he don’t know how to use instagram when fans ask him to do that…

*Leader says if he dun get married, we’ll also not get married? Naughty oppa!!!

*Leeteuk took a few pictures with the fans and fans asked Leeteuk to upload to twitter.

*Overall, the fans were not “cooperating” with teuk. Whatever he said, the fans would shush him. Aft tt teuk said you guys can scold me in private. But when its during public events, you have to say that I am more handsome than Jang donggun or wonbin. In the end fans still shushed him. Then he said did I just told you to praise me? Fans said tt it is not a public event. Teuk was speechless and added it isnt a public event but its an official event (ie its a closed door event but it’s still a public even)

*the fanmeeting ended. fans singing happy together and not leaving the venue


140728 TonyMoly Fansign

Fan: Why is your hair like that?! Why not bangs?

Hyuk: I will look rich like that

cr: 春春被李赫宰萌疯了

fan asked hyuk why is his hairstyle like that then he said “this hairstyle is showing my prosperity

cr: ltsmka



"We can put this here and do something" "Reveals everything" - do something what? reveal what?

cr: SabiJewelFish


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[COMIC] welcome back~!! ♥

  by: @MadziaVelMadzik

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140927 The news stated Leeteuk will comeback today and Shindong announced to be enlist on mid august this year. Yesung that have enlist on 2013 will maybe end on 2015 which it will be 1986 members (Sungmin, Eunhyuk & Donghae) next to take enlist also on May 2015. And like for the youngest members of SJ, Kyuhyun (born on 1988 will be finish enlist on 4-5 years more. And enlistment members will maybe until on 2020 and if that time came SJ will already debut for 15years..


140728 TonyMoly Fansign

Fan: I saw your drama yesterday
DH: really? I died…

cr : _haengel

donghae and his antics

fan art by bonne_pluie

fan art by bonne_pluie



Honestly, I have a feeling that i’ll die before we defeat Doflamingo.


I do what I want