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Kyu: …Secshi Free and Shingeul…

So cute >.<

Guys, don’t forget to vote for SUJU on Mnet; some ELFs are doing mass vote, it’s going to be at 4AM KST.

in 16 min ;D


So, me and some other ELF decided to make a “Super Junior Day” today =D

We basically went to the shopping mall and started to talk to random people about Super Junior and ask them to listen to SUJU and watch their videos. *u*

We spent more then 5 hours doing it!!! Was an amazing day, all ELF should do it sometimes. We asked for the managers of the stores to let us play their songs (I’m pretty sure one of them became a new fanboy xD). It was really funny. We danced, we sang, people liked their songs!

Please guys, try to do it! Explain to people around you how they are, be polite and patient - I’m sure we converted some new ELF today \o/


guys, when will the mv be released? today?

Tomorrow me, my sister (pic) and some other ELF are going to the shopping to spread about the new album for random people =D
(the thingy there says &#8220;A kitten dies everyday that you don&#8217;t listen to Super Junior! Save the kittens!!!&#8221;)
We made more than 50 handouts with random things about dead kittens and stuff xD
Cheer for us!! And try to do it too =D

Tomorrow me, my sister (pic) and some other ELF are going to the shopping to spread about the new album for random people =D

(the thingy there says “A kitten dies everyday that you don’t listen to Super Junior! Save the kittens!!!”)

We made more than 50 handouts with random things about dead kittens and stuff xD

Cheer for us!! And try to do it too =D

So…tomorrow I’m going to the shopping mall with other ELF, we will try to convince people of listening to Super Junior and helping with Sexy, Free and Single. ^^

Hey, ELF, se você for brasileira e mais especificamente, de Salvador, eu vou para o shopping barra com mais algumas ELF e pretendo convencer o povo lá a ouvir o album distribuindo papelzinho, do jeito que der - se quiser junte-se a nós ok ^^  2h da tarde =D 

Hope it helps

Since we are willing to beat youtube’s record and we don’t know if playlist mode actually works to increase the views and since it stops at some point after some hours, plus we all need sleep sometimes, so…

If you use chrome as you browser, go to chrome web store and add a app called “Chrome Reload”, so you can configure it to automatically reload the page for you ^^

6jib impressions

Sexy, Free and Single - I loved this song so much!!!! It’s better than I expected tbqh.  The choreo seems perfect, even though I can’t imagine nothing more than what I saw in those 24 secs. But it’s a song that makes me feel good. I loved the feeling of it, love how it makes me move wherever I am, and how I feel lighter and happier at any moment while it is playing.

From U - The moment when Teukie started to talk, I lost it, I cried the whole song when I first heard it. It’s beautiful, gives me energy to fight for them; makes my love for them feels stronger. OMG, I love these boys and my beautiful fandom. ;____;

Gulliver - Gulliver, Gulliver, Gu-gu-Gulliver. Nonstop. ‘till the world ends. I will die with this song in my head. xD It’s a strong song, with a badass style. The ending is perfect - makes me want to scream “SJ IN THE HOUSE, MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW KING”. I really think they should use it before performing as they used Superman last year - ‘cuz I want to scream it ‘till they can hear it from Korea.

Someday - To be honest that was the song I liked less. Their voices are flawless, obviously; but it gives me a cheesy feeling that I don’t like. But yeah, I cried when I heard Kangin voice in this one.

NOW - This song makes me want to get a car and drive to some random place while listening to it all the way. Makes me want to run and scream “SUJU IS BACK, BITCHES”. Idk, it’s such a nice song to listen, in rainy days is perfect because this song is itself a sunshine.

Rockstar - CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO THIS ONE. I need a “Rockstar” live performance. I need chaos on the stage, with thrusts and Swag all around. I want Hyukjae to strip when he sings the “I’m so hot” part uhuhuhuu. Most of all, I want to see them having fun while performing this, ‘cuz I think they would. It’s such a hyper song - exactly how I expect them all to be on stage. Can I marry this song?

Bittersweet - From the balladish songs on this album, this one is the one I like the most. It’ss fucking perfect. They voices are perfect, the chorus is beautiful. I can imagine an entire love story while listening to this song. I just fucking love it.

Butterfly - THIS SONG IS EPIC!!! Is really… I don’t know how to explain. xD  I WANT A MV OF THIS SONG. I CAN IMAGINE THE CHOREO ALREADY. It gives a dancing feeling and also sexy and energetic and is so perfect - YOU FRY . HIGH . UP IN THE SKY. - sdajfhasduihfuahdsufhuadsuhfuashdufhadsuihfusdahfiuhsdaufhua

Daydream - This song makes me want to fall in love just to break up and listen to it during a rainy day. xD But really, I loved it. I don’t usually like ballad songs, but I like songs that give me feelings and this one certainly does.

A ‘Good’ Bye - /cries The lullaby, Hyukjae…my life… /cries again

My favourite SJ album. It’s full of energy, you can clearly see how they evolved during these years - their style is getting mature, not as a simple boyband - but as Super Junior, a group of musicians and entertainers that deserve respect and recognition. This album proves that they are unique, full of energy and have yet much more to show. I’m so proud ;________;

sorry my lame English

It was nice meeting you all. I just wanted to say you made my experience of life beautiful and full of joy. Now, I’m ready…




That’s how I expect Kyu’s teaser to be:

if it was photographed by an ELF

I swear to God that if SM delays Kyu’s teaser I’ll rise up from my grave and kill all of them slowly with a pliers.