Hey, since the fandom is all hyper and stuff let’s take this time of joy and the energy that it gives us to vote for our babies. We’re almost there!

VOTE!! It’s unlimited yo!! 

omg go to Donghae’s instagram

cr: rarasshii

cr: rarasshii

SS5 Brazil - My Spazzy Fanaccount

In which I am now even more Hyukjae biased, and babies are perfect, and I’m cry ;A;


DERPS - Yup, they are derpy as fuck lol (photo taken by my sister) I only screamed and jumped xD No pictures from me, sorry.

Also they are flawless gorgeous beings:


This one was taken by my cousin's mother =D

Here it goes:

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[MV] The Croods OST - Shine Your Way (Kyuhyun & Luna) (by cherzayn)



This era.

Anonymous asked: fav videos of suju

so hard to choose ;A;

This one is special ‘cause I used to keep it in my ipod and show to people how they are dorky and adorable all the time, even before I knew their names xD:

Miss Intimate note

lol, I really like this moment xD

Also this one, ‘cause they are young and adorable and I feel like biting their faces:

Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and Sungmin doing imitations 

Last, but not least, innocent Eunhae playing during Adonis Camp:

Eunhae Selfcam 1

Eunhae Selfcam 2

Eunhae Selfcam 3

Bonus: this video is short, but can make me laugh hysterically any time because Yesung is a special kid:

“Nice water!”


Brazilian ELFs,

Para as ELFs brasileiras que ainda não sabem, a livraria Cultura tá vendendo albums do SUJU (outras bandas tbm), não sei se onde vocês moram já vendia antes, mas aqui em Salvador é novo, então não custa avisar  xD

mas custa os olhos da cara, à depender, fica até mais barato comprar pelo yesasia =X

I’m loving to sit here and watch ELFs reactions to Kyu’s picture as they see it for the first time.

I’m now imagining them at that beautiful beach - with the contrast of the blues from the sky and the sea touching in the horizon - the sun shine reflecting over the surface - making the sea look like a giant sapphire sunk in the sand.

They take their shirts off with a smile of excitement on their faces. Kyu sits calmly appreciating the view and looking for the food/drink sellers he read about in a guide book he found once in a library. Wookie breathes deeply and smile in front of the beautiful image, paying attention to the sound of the waves coming and going - dragging some kids castles away with it… and Hyukjae… jumping in the water like the hyper dork he is, just to, after that, rise up sexily while doing a hair flip - like the stupidly sexy bastard he also is. The water runs in his body, travelling through his curves. His gums shows while he call the members with his eyes slightly closed because of the sun. Wookie runs.

And I cry.


Hey ELFs, WordPress took down , I bet most of you know this fansite. It’s very nice, and one of the best ways to read news about Super Junior in a language we can actually understand.

So I want to ask you guys to please mention @wordpressdotcom to restore it. I’d really appreciate it. ♥

"Close up of that kyu star collection card with that chest!"

"Close up of that kyu star collection card with that chest!"

Did you vote for Super Junior today?




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Musician Power Ranking. 2012

It’s in Korean, but it’s pretty simple. No login needed. Just click the yellow button which reads “투표”. You can vote once a day.

Music Star

Same thing than the one above. It’s in Korean, just click on the star next to SUJU’s name. One vote per day.

We are first for MNET!! So… YEAH!!! :D

We are second for Musician Power Ranking… and only 28% while no.1 is 50%… HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!???

We are 3rd………… >.< For Music Star….

1:10 -> Eunhyuk sings “7 Years of Love”  and I die