No, I can’t understand K-ELF.

Imagine if your dentist wants to get married. If a person thinks “how dare he?” and decides to make a petition to kick the dentist out of his own clinic just because he didn’t hide it properly, bought her presents with the money he got paid with and just told them about the marriage 2 weeks before it, I guess you’ll probably think this person has serious psychiatric problems and needs help. And you’re right.


Idols are people who work with entertainment and has to put up with the lost of most of their privacy with a smile. They deserve respect. They work, fans pay for it buying albums and concert tickets in order to enjoy the music, shows etc - fans get happy, they get paid, that’s how it is. I’m sorry if it sounds cold, but that’s how it is.

By no means they are selling their lives - Korean industry may even make it seem like it, but it’s not. What they do on stage is their job - you can get upset when they sing out of key or are disrespectful towards the audience, of course, it’s their job - BUT YOU CANNOT GET UPSET BECAUSE OF THEIR LIFE CHOICES, specially when there’s nothing wrong about them. 


Sungmin is doing his job properly - that’s what he offers as an idol from the beginning. I’m sorry if the twisted mind of yours thought you were getting yourself a pet or a boyfriend. That’s not it.

He does respect his fans because he goes to Super Junior activities, he practices the songs and dance moves, he sings well, he threats them with respect and love (and it’s even genuine love - something he is not bound to do) and NEVER ASKS ANYTHING BACK.

He is a grown man in his 30s that found a woman he loves and decided to form a family. As a fan, someone that claims to selfishly love them, it’s expected we feel happy because he’s going towards a path of happiness - forming a family and living a full life. Of course, you can get scared because it’s a completely different moment, Super Junior are not boys any more and we are getting to see and feel it. But new things can also be good. It’s a new phase for them either, they are probably scared too, but they are looking to a brighter future, with a different mind set and fresh ideas - and so should we.

What are K-ELF even thinking when they want to kick him out of the band? Do they know what he is doing is just expected? Do they know the rest of the band are probably going to do it too? Do they know that if he didn’t tell them earlier it’s because he knew they were immature and possessive and he was goddamn scared of his own beloved fans? Do they know that with this mind set they’ll end up kicking out all of the Super Junior members and they are going to be the only ones left? Ever Lasting Friends… Whose Ever Lasting Friends? You don’t have to be happy, you don’t have to love him - but you have no right to decide anything for the band. If you don’t like it, then get out yourself.

Anonymous asked: do you have an smtown account? i saw you support sungmin and his decision to get married, and there are SO MANY negative messages in korean under his message on the official site. there are a few people who keep commenting, too. do you think you could go and leave a positive message, or ask other people who support him to do the same? thanks! :) i'm just trying to spread this around.

omg I don’t. I can try making one tho. I can only imagine how things are =/ Twitter is a mess already, I’m scared.



Some KELF are trying to trend #SungminOut on twitter so please, PLEASE, if you have an account try to trend #BeHappySungmin so we can show him that most of us support him.

The sad part is that it’d be easy for him to understand and find the negative korean comments, that’s why we must trend this for as long as we can, just so he can see this.

If the wrong message is sent then it would affect not only him but all the other members too. I don’t want them to be scared of having a life, I want them to know we want them to be happy. This could seriously hurt Super Junior as a whole, this could mean that if they want to have a family they’d have to give up the group and I really don’t want this to happen, so please PLEASE, help us trend something positive.

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spookydandere asked: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Ooooh, SUJU emoji thingy -> (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧: SUNGMIN

What I love about him is that he always try his best to be the best he can be, got it? I mean, he is so damn good in so many things, and it’s not because he is gifted in those things, it’s because he works hard and doesn’t give up. I’ve seen a lot of shows where he has to learn things, and he gets frustrated and pessimistic but in the end he perfects it. The kid is very good at singing, dancing, playing, acting, fighting, cooking… and in every single thing he has to do. I admire this A LOT. I’ve never seen him doing a poor job in anything, and God knows how it’s hard, and he does it even when he is not really happy about it. So that’s the thing I love the most about him - there are others, such as being damn manly and still wearing pink and fluffy bunnies and not giving a damn for it; or the fact that he is a soft hearted amazing creature from heavens… I really love him and I really admire him.

Thank you for sending this! =D

I’m lost… some people are hating on Sungmin and Shindong? Is there a specific reason for it to happen now or is it just hater bullshit?

Hey, since the fandom is all hyper and stuff let’s take this time of joy and the energy that it gives us to vote for our babies. We’re almost there!

VOTE!! It’s unlimited yo!! 

SS5 Brazil - My Spazzy Fanaccount

In which I am now even more Hyukjae biased, and babies are perfect, and I’m cry ;A;


DERPS - Yup, they are derpy as fuck lol (photo taken by my sister) I only screamed and jumped xD No pictures from me, sorry.

Also they are flawless gorgeous beings:


This one was taken by my cousin's mother =D

Here it goes:

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This era.

130402 Sukira


Ryeowook "Eunhyuk is fixed on one (comic). He bought the books and even mentioned it on an interview even though he wasn’t suppose to. Fans sent in many copies so he’s now crying about the piled copies of it (One Piece ㅋㅋ) "

Sungmin: "He’s sleeping on them nowㅋㅋ"

cr: @NKSubs

Anonymous asked: fav videos of suju

so hard to choose ;A;

This one is special ‘cause I used to keep it in my ipod and show to people how they are dorky and adorable all the time, even before I knew their names xD:

Miss Intimate note

lol, I really like this moment xD

Also this one, ‘cause they are young and adorable and I feel like biting their faces:

Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and Sungmin doing imitations 

Last, but not least, innocent Eunhae playing during Adonis Camp:

Eunhae Selfcam 1

Eunhae Selfcam 2

Eunhae Selfcam 3

Bonus: this video is short, but can make me laugh hysterically any time because Yesung is a special kid:

“Nice water!”


Brazilian ELFs,

Para as ELFs brasileiras que ainda não sabem, a livraria Cultura tá vendendo albums do SUJU (outras bandas tbm), não sei se onde vocês moram já vendia antes, mas aqui em Salvador é novo, então não custa avisar  xD

mas custa os olhos da cara, à depender, fica até mais barato comprar pelo yesasia =X

Sungmin is the cutest third wheel…just saying…

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So I want to ask you guys to please mention @wordpressdotcom to restore it. I’d really appreciate it. ♥