Sorachi’s Question Corner (Gintama Volume 38 - chapter 334)

Sorachi-sensei, hello. I have a question. Just how did Yamcha get those scars on his face?

Yes, I think it happened in the training process, but the more likely reason is probably that…


“The girl I wish to marry and the girl I wish to have a relationship with are different.

I want to have a relationship with a girl who is slightly proud, like a competitor but I wanna marry a girl who is kind and only loves me.”

100906 KBS 2TV ‘Happy Birthday - Lee Hyukjae

when junghyun visits changmin and yunho at their hotel suite

Super Junior's Siblings:

  • Leeteuk: Park Inyoung (older sister)
  • Heechul: Kim Heejin (older sister)
  • Han Geng: None
  • Yesung: Kim Jongjin (younger brother)
  • Kangin: None
  • Shindong: Ahn (younger sister)
  • Sungmin: Lee Sungjin (younger brother)
  • Eunhyuk: Lee Sora (older sister)
  • Zhou Mi: None
  • Siwon: Choi Jiwon (younger sister)
  • Donghae: Lee Donghwa (older brother)
  • Ryeowook: None
  • Kyuhyun: Cho Ara (older sister)
  • Henry: Clinton Lau (older brother) & Whitney Lau (younger sister)

Hope it helps

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I hope Kyu is the main…I mean… He was born for Frank’s role, that brat.