never tell him that you are just kidding. never. lol

sungmin helping leader fix his moobs
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ELF making fun of Hyuk on twitter XD

[NaraSue_Hyuk] @tiny_haru: Hyuk emotion ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

140929 Sukira - Talking about Jeju trip with teukhae:

Fan: please tell us about your trip in Jeju Island~

Hyuk: When we went to Jeju, I guess Ryeowook-ssi was jealous. He said things like ”I hope it rains”. It rained ㅋㅋㅋ

I was on the phone with Donghae-ssi, and I was like “Ya, you wanna go Jeju tomorrow?” He was like “okay” and we ended up going with teuk hyung

we reserved everything, the hotel and rental car, and when we checked the weather, we saw that a typhoon was coming. But we said ‘it’ll be fun even if there is a typhoon.’ So we went.. and we rented an open car… and it was blowing wind very hard and raining very hard.

We were like ‘the rain and the wind cannot stop us!’ so we went with the top opened. At first, it didn’t rain so hard so it was okay.

We went to Jeju island, watched a movie, went bowling.. did everything we could do in Seoul in Jeju

Hae said he wanted to watch a movie and we were thinking we came all the way to Jeju to watch a movie…? But we thought atmosphere will be different so we just went.

And suddenly in the middle of the movie Donghae was like going “no, no”, and turns out he fell asleep watching the movie. And when he woke up he pretended that he didn’t fall asleep.


Super Junior: talking behind each others’ backs since 2008
Some things never change

Elsa Hae making it rain on Elsa Stripper Teuk

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last words before their lethal fight with gangsters


who’s your fav band?



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Armpit Hyung

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super junior’s reaction when they saw their pre-debut pictures

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baby hae’s awkward sexy dance

So me and my sister were eating while watching tv and my dog decided to stare at both our dishes at the same time.