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[FANCAM] Yesung and Eunhyuk’s Monkey D. Luffy toy at Super Show 3 Manila (by razilia3424)

…and he broke it.


Anonymous asked: It's cosplay. Get the fuck over it. People do this all the fucking time.

That’s what I said (kinda). =/

I guess you got me wrong.

Relax, I’m not accusing Ye Oppa. I said it’s not his fault and he had no bad intentions. The fact is that in USA culture this is a big taboo. But again, USA is USA, nobody has to live according to and know all about american socio-cultural space ^^

Anonymous asked: Shindong did a blackface Oprah before so yes, this HAS happened in Suju before and they HAVE got called out on it before.

Hmm, I didn’t know that. But think here with me - even if they were stupid racist jerks (and again, they are not), is this sort of provocation worth a career? They can look dorky sometimes, but they are not that idiot. If they thought of it as something absurd and prejudicial they wouldn’t risk everything they’ve done so far just for a joke.

If they got called out before I believe they didn’t know the reason. You see, people say it’s bad, but not everybody says why it is bad and what in fact is bad. They just don’t know what is happening, most of the people there don’t even know that THIS mess is happening at all. It’ll be nice if someone, who speaks Korean and is able to reach them, could explain what “blackface” means. But it’s not that easy, do you know someone that can do this? They are going to stay in ignorance state about this and committing the same mistake without knowing until the day someone can explain it properly.

Anonymous asked: someone said this on a forum.."Koreans are a little bit hypocritical because when an incident during the London Olympics happened when some random dude did the Asian eyes, knetizens acted so hurt and offended, yet look at what they're doing.

Again, people tend to thing in their own context and forget that other people are not the same. It’s very hypocritical indeed. If we want people to understand our point of view we also should make an effort to understand the other’s point of view. They did the same thing - “how would they know if this is offensive?”. But let me make a salvo at this point: Korea is a much more culturally isolated and thus culturally ignorant country than most of Occidental countries. Doesn’t mean their mistake was lighter, it was the same, but let’s take this in mind, shall we?

imagestrawberrymyeolchi replied to your post: it has happened before.. Super Junior has done it before and they know its offensive.

yeah it was NOT suju, they were merely at the same event/standing on the same stage. (personally still think this is a problem but just wanted to confirm that part — this is not a repeat offense)

Yup. They wouldn’t repeat such a mistake, you guys, why would they? Think logically - even if they were racist idiots (something that they are not), why would they do something to damage their career? And at such an important moment? You see, it doesn’t make sense.

Anonymous asked: it has happened before.. Super Junior has done it before and they know its offensive.

As far as I know, it was not Super Junior, I guess it was Boom, right? Again, North American socio-cultural ambient is not the only one that exists. How would you know if something that you do naturally in your country is offensive in another? There are billions of humans, that grew in different places with different beliefs. That’s what make the world interesting, actually - knowing that there’s yet a lot to learn. We are all in a state of ignorance and none of us have the right to judge someone else’s behaviour (as long as it isn’t something that can cause any damage, of course).

hmmm, So I looked up for this “blackface” thing people are talking about. Frankly, the history is terrible and the meaning is heavy - but, you see, I had to look up for it right now to learn about that. How would a person who grew in Korea (one of the last countries to brake the isolation barriers with the Occident, already in the 19th-20th century) know that this is aggressive? Guys, calm your tits. He is being ignorant, but we all also don’t know about everything - it’s actually impossible, I believe. In fact, I think he is being less racist than people who are complaining. He is doing this without thinking about it being something bad. Continently or incontinently - to him, being black it’s normal, there are black people, like there are white people, like asians, etc - they are the same. South Korea was introduced into the occidental world already when this wasn’t a big deal.

Of course, I believe he should take conscience of this matter and learn from it, so he would not commit similar mistakes in the future. It’s always nice to be careful, but we are not obligated to know everything - again, it’s impossible.

Oh well, that’s what I think, at least, people can disagree, we all have opinions  let’s just not make a big mess.

130425 Mobit

  • Yesung: what's your rank in school?
  • Fan: I'm not doing well.
  • Yesung: It's ok. Studying is not everything. Just look at him (points to Jongjin)
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@Kjjzz: 우리 조카 은성이♥

@Kjjzz: our nephew Eunsung-ee♥

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